I had happened to chance upon a blog that had a blog post on Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake recipe. The picture showing the chiffon cakes look very delicious, light in texture and fluffy. Without any hesitation, I quickly scroll for the recipes and see if it very difficult to bake. The ingredients used for chiffon cake are healthier than normal cake. One of the reason is chiffon cake do not use butter. It is replaced with vegetable oil and milk. By using butter, it will create heavy texture for the cake. In this recipe, it only used 120grams of white sugar. I had not tried baking chiffon cake before and thought it will be great to try them.

One of the most important thing to note for baking chiffon cake is beating the egg white and sugar to form peak (in this recipe is medium peak). The correct peak texture will determine the fluffiness of the chiffon cake. My first attempt of baking the Hokkaido chiffon cupcake had failed as I do not understand what medium peak is. I had thought it is just beating the egg white with the sugar till they are mix together. It turned out that the chiffon cakes are very elastic and rubbery in texture. However, this does not stop me in trying out to bake the chiffon cake again. I had read up internet and books on how to beat the egg white and sugar to create medium peak and how does medium peak look like. Previously I am using the normal cake mixer (those with 2 whisk attachments) to beat the egg white and sugar and the 2nd attempt I had used my newly bought cake mixer (those with one big whisk attachment) to create the peak. I read from internet that those with one big whisk attachment is more suitable for beating egg white and sugar together to form peak.

I am very glad that my 2nd attempt in baking the chiffon cake is a success. The cake indeed tastes very light and soft. It is very delicious and I can eat more than one at a time. As you can see from my picture, I am using those normal cupcakes holder to hold the chiffon cake, it will be better to buy those mentioned in Jessie Hearty Bakes blog. I am going to buy those cupcake holders or similar as it will have more of Hokkaido feel. and presentable for giving it as gifts for friends and family members.


So light and fluffy!

I am determined to bake more of chiffon cake and one of my mum’s favorite Pandan Chiffon Cake. I had signed up baking class in August to learn how to bake Pandan and Orange Chiffon cake. Really looking forward to the lesson. 🙂

Stay tune on updates on my new mixer, upcoming charity and baking classes.


  1. nasha
    October 2012 at

    Hi, would u mind telling me which mixer u bought? I mean the one with just 1 big whisk. TIA!

  2. Dariel
    November 2012 at

    Hi Nasha,

    The mixer is Bosch ProfiMixx 46. 🙂


  3. October 2013 at

    HI can I know what temp you use to bake those Hokkaido cupcake?

  4. Dariel
    October 2013 at

    Hi Simonne,

    I had used 180 degree celcius n fan mode to bake them. You can try baking them too. 🙂


  5. Lilian
    September 2015 at

    Hi Dariel
    Could u tell me, how to store unfinished
    Non diary whipping cream ( not yet whip but already open the box)

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