Frog and I had just come back from our short holiday trip to London (urban city) and Axminster (eastern border of country of Devon in England). The purpose for visiting Axminster is to go to River Cottage and try out their food at the River Cottage Canteen. Frog is a fan of Chef Hugh Fearnly and we love to watch ‘Hugh’s 3 Good Things’ hosted by Chef Hugh Fearnly that was previously shown on Asian Food Channel. In this show, Hugh reveals his theory that three-ingredient dishes are ideal for simple but delicious cooking and competes his dish against other chefs. Unfortunately one week before the trip, we had come to know from Joy (Person in charge of Hedgehog Corner) that River Cottage is not opened to public unless you had signed up courses from there. Without any hesitation, we had tried to see if we can book any cookery course on the days of our stay. However, there were no cookery classes during our stay between 22 – 24 Apr 2014. Luckily I had managed to book dinner at the River Cottage Canteen. Guess it is not that bad since we will get to try out the food at the Canteen. To be honest, we are quite disappointed initially that we do not get a chance to visit River Cottage. However after our trip to Axminster, we had not regretted visiting this beautiful awesome place though we had missed River Cottage.

From London, you will need to take a train from waterloo station to Axminster station. The journey will take about 3hrs. Taking scenic pictures along our journey to Axminster. Awesome view! Love the greens, cows on field and plot of spaces at the green fields.

Pict 1

Pict 2

We had booked our accommodation in Axminster at Hedgehog Corner The Retreat apartment with Joy and Terry taxi to send us to The Retreat once we had arrived Axminster station.

Upon arriving at Hedgehog corner, we were warmly welcomed by Joy where she had oriented us around to The Retreat (how to operate the gadgets and stuffs) and introduce places to visit during our stay. Joy is very helpful in giving direction and even passed us Maps and Magazine on Lyme Regis. Both Frog and I love the décor and style of the apartment.

Pict 3

Pict 4

The Retreat is well maintained and clean. We both loved the breakfast basket that includes local eggs, jams, bread, cereals, and the basket was more than sufficient supplies for 3 days 2 nights stay.

Pict 5

The apartment also come with a fridge that and it was filled with apple juice, orange juice, butter and milk. I love the apple juice! A convenient location as the bus ride to Lyme Regis or drive River Cottage canteen in Axminster takes about 5 mins.

Cosy stay at The Retreat and we are lucky to see rabbits outside our apartment’s garden in the morning! We will not forget our stay @ The Retreat with awesome Host (Joy), lovely environment, nice weather and cosy apartment!

Pict 6

Pict 7

Joy and me

Pict 8

Frog and Terry

Very different from what we usually see in urban city: No high rise buildings. No traffic and human jams. No pollution. A peaceful and quiet place for escaping from the city life! Stay tune for more blog post on the places that we had visited in Axminster.


  1. Joy
    May 2014 at

    Fabulous blog, fantastic photos and thank you for being wonderful guests.

    It is amazing to see such a comprehensive write up about your visit to our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty here on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

    I’m just so glad you enjoyed your visit – taking in Lyme Regis too.

    You are quite the professional. I will follow your blog.


  2. Dariel
    May 2014 at

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for popping by my blog. Just a personal write up to share our true experience with Hedgehogcorner and Axminister. Thanks for your great host too!

    Take care and we do hope to visit Axminster again! 🙂


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