Traditionally, it is a must have to serve fruit cake for Christmas party in the olden times. Fruit cake can be kept the freezer and stored for months. My baking teacher had mentioned that the longer the fruit cake is kept, the tastier it becomes. I had baked the fruit cake last month and kept in the freezer till now. Daily, I will coat the top of the cake with rum for flavour and act as preservative to preserve the cake. You can also use sugar syrup instead of rum too.

The 4 main ingredient s in the fruit cakes are fat, sugar, egg and cake flour. The dried fruits are soaked in rum, water or juices for sbout half a day with stirring in between. This is an important step as it will prevent the fruits from absorbing the batter when it is added into the batter. The fruits will not be too dried after soaking.

Heavy fruit cake means that the fruit content in the batter is more than flour. It had to be kept frozen and serve when chill. Do not cut the heavy fruit cake after it is freshly baked out from the oven as the cake will be too soft and it will be difficult to cut with lots of fruits in it.


Brown Sugar 46g – Gp 1

All purpose flour 21g – Gp 1

Butter 46g – Gp 1

Glycerine 4g – Gp 1

Treacle 3.3g – Gp1

Eggs 46g – Gp 2

All purpose flour 41.7g Gp 3

Baking Powder 0.5g Gp 3

Ground Nutmeg 0.5g Gp 3

Mixed Spice 0.5g Gp 3

Sultanans 187.5g  Gp 4

Mixed peels 21g Gp 4

Glace cherries 26.7g Gp4

Flaked almonds 16.7g Gp 4

Rum (Optional) 5g Gp 4


Cream Gp 1 until moderately light – not more than 5 mins on medium speed.

Add eggs gradually in several small lots, thoroughly beating in each addition.

Stir in gp 3 items and mix thoroughly. Use low machine speed and scrape down to ensure smooth batter.

Add Gp 4 to the batter and mix the mixture all together thoroughly.

Bake at 160 degree celcius for about 1.5hours.

I had baked in 18cm rectangular tin.

After the fruit cakes are nicely cut into smaller rectangular pieces and packed, it is ready to be given to families and friends!

Merry Christmas to all and have a great holidays!

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