This will be my weapon of choice for now to cook.

It’s the Gynnsam Cook’s Knife from IKEA.

  • The knife is at 21cm.
  • Looks pretty neat, not too heavy to handle and the grip is nice to hold.
  • The price tag is not on the steep side (in the world of Cook’s Knife that is) is at $29.90.

It has this 15 years guarantee that goes along with the knife but there are certain conditions to be met before they replace a new set for you.

They have other range of knives too but since I’m in need of a new inexpensive Cook’s Knife, this one is sufficient for me. The brochure (pdf format) for the knife is as below in the link.

GYNNSAM Guarantee

And the link to the online IKEA store should you want to buy the knife without heading down to IKEA itself.

Gynnsam 21cm Cook’s Knife

Hail the almighty Gynnsam Cook’s Knife!! I’m gonna cook with this!!

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