I had been eating too much cookies during Chinese New Year and it is now time to lose weight. I guess all must been eating junk food over the past few days. Now is the time for proper food. Vegetables!!! I had prepared a big bowl of vegetables salad for the afternoon Chinese New Year ‘s visiting. Of course I will serve other food beside salad if not they will blame me for begin too stingy (opps joking). Cold storage sells nice and fresh lettuce and red Australia cabbage. We feel that although cold storage stuffs are more expensive but their vegetables are very green and fresh. For the making of salads, it is best to buy green and fresh ingredients as all are eaten raw.

Ingredients for my vegetables salad

  1. ½ Red Australia cabbages
  2. 1 small lettuce
  3. 1 box of small cherry tomatoes
  4. 1 packet of peeled small carrots
  5. 1 handful of golden raisins
  6. 1 handful of black olive

pict 31IMG_3849

Dressing For the salad

Kraft Thousand Island

pict 25IMG_3837
Kraft Italian Dressing

pict 24IMG_3836

Praise Extra Virgin Olive Oil

pict 23IMG_3835
Beacon Bits

pict 20IMG_3828

For the salad dressing if you are on diet, go easy with the dressing. I had mix a bit of the italian dressing with the thousand island dressing. It depend on individual preference. However, fir salad it is best eaten just like this. Oh not forgetting my favourite ready eaten beacon bits to go along with the salads. Yummy. For salad, you can actually add in a lot of ingredients like turkey ham, spaghetti, hard boil egg, raw salmon and more. The dressing is the key to the salad. I will look into how to make healthy, low fat dressing. Hopefully it can be a success.

Eat healthy, stay fit! 🙂

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  1. vJ
    April 2010 at

    A healthy recipe!! looks fresh and delicious too..

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