Frog had recently found some web sites that had many great deals at almost half the price of the original price. It includes dining, travel, spa, facial, exercise and more. For food lover like us, we are of course more interested in dining places at a much cheaper price .

Here is the website that frog bought the coupon to potion cafe and bar at Nostalgia hotel:

We are contemplating if to purchase the coupon as the deal is really very cheap and we are not sure if it is really true of the price or any other hidden charges. The price for the set lunch and dinner at nostalgia hotel cost $15 net instead of $33. It includes soup of the day, choices of pasta or pizza and finally ended off with dessert (vanilla ice cream).

Frog decided to give it a try and d he had purchase 2 coupons from at total price of $30 instead of $66. Wow we had a saving of nearly 50%!

Guess there are a lot of coupons website (, and more) where they liaise with the company to offer great deals at their website. I guess there is a minimum amount of people they must hit before the deal is closed. However, due to the cheap prices that they offer, the deal could always hit the target. So cool right.

Shall blog more in the next post to share our dining experiences at potion cafe and bar.

Stay Tune.


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