** STRICTLY for durian pastries and dessert lovers!!

Finally here is the post on Good Wood park dessert plus durian pastries buffet.

 Pictures of the desserts available






 Durian Puffs

Look at the thickness of the durian puff fillings. Super rich in durian aroma and flavours. Yummy!

 Durian Oreo Cakes


The durianmisu is a must try dessert! The combination of the durian paste and the triramisu is delicious. I ate a lot of the durianmisu!

The chef is there to over at the dessert counter to freshly prepare the durian crepe. Aroma of the durian over @ the counter bar…

Frog & me

The dessert buffet cost about $29 per person and personally I feel that the price is a bit too expensive for the selection of desserts available. There are not much of varieties of cakes and the cakes do not taste that fantastic too. However if you are a fan of durian pastries and do not mind spending that amount for the durian pastries dessert, there is no harm trying their durian pastries. The durian pastries really taste very yummy and fresh!

** Too much of durian pastries = super full & fillings!

The dessert buffet with durian pastries will end on 25 July 2010. Go try if you are a fan and lover of dessert and durian pastries!

I guess this will be my first dessert buffet and last. Hehe… I will prefer food buffet than dessert buffet as i cant eat too many sweet stuffs at a time. It is too much for me. However this depend on individual preference.

Weekend always passes very fast! Tml will be monday again and let us work hard for the week ahead!

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