Gelato Art, located at a cosy quiet corner in Sunset Way. We had happened to chance upon this place that sells homemade ice cream. Without any hesitation, we had quickly gone in to try out the gelato to cool ourselves down from the hot weather after our ‘Zhi Char’ dinner at the nearby coffeeshop. There are seating spaces for customers to have ice cream in the air condition café and magazines for customers to read while having their gelato! Catering to a range of cold and creamy desserts, from gelato, sorbet to yogurt. Consistent best sellers include durian, avocado, jet black, XO Cranberry. An ideal ambience for dining, chill-out, reading your favourite novel or simply relaxing to the soothing music.

Gelato Art

What is Gelato? Gelato itself is a much healthier form of ice cream with lower fat and sugar content as compared to regular ice cream. Thus, making it a healthier choice and less sinful choice for after meal dessert.

Gelato Selection

Frog and I saw the best recommended durian gelato written on their board. We love durian!! Though the shop sells a variety of interesting flavors Gelato, we had make up our mind to try out the durian gelato. Is just like eating the real durian but in frozen kind. Very rich in durian flavour with durian pulps in the gelato. So rich and smooth. No regrets in ordering the durian gelato. The below scoop cost $4.50 each.

Durian Gelato

Gelato Art Sunset Way

 Have a great week everyone! 🙂

Gelato Art @ Sunset

Clementi St 12
Blk 105 #01-16

Singapore 120105

Tel: 9734 6243

Opening Hours 

Sundays, Wednesdays to Thursdays: 2pm -9pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 2pm – 11pm

Closed on Mondays & Tuesday

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