With the café hopping fever, a lot of cafés are spinging up and they are usually decor with rustic industrial theme. Frog and I had walked past Dunlop Street (Little India) and attracted to a little cosy café known as Flee Away Café. From far, we had thought that it is a shop selling vintage furnitures and toys. The café theme is retro vintage and this captures our attention to try out the food and at the same time a place to rest our feet!

Flee Away_1

Have you tried ‘You Tiao’ sandwiches? Saw the menu that was placed outside the café and the Le Char Kuey do seem interesting to try. It is actually ‘You Tiao’ stuffed with local delights fillings like Chicken Curry, Laksa or Bak Kwa.

Stepping in the café, we are attracted by the vintage retro décor. It is like stepping back to the 80s and our childhood days. So nostalgic feel!

Flee away_12

Flee Away_2

Flee Away_12

Flee Away_4

Old movie seats at the window where you can watch people go by and chit chat session with friends.

Flee Away_5

Take flight!

Flee Away_6

Flee Away_6

Adorable quirky Singapore collection of badges and magnets for sale at Flee Away Café.

Flee Away_7

Coffee Mocha $5.50 ; Coffee Black $4.00

How about having your mocha in traditional coffee cups that come along with a wafer biscuits? The mocha has a bitter after taste and I find the coffee too strong for me. Good thing was it came with the wafer biscuits to reduce the bitter taste of the mocha.

Flee Away_8

Chicken Curry Filling Le Char Kuey $12.50

Flee Away_9

 Tuna Mayo Filling Le Char Kuey $12.50

I am actually quite worried that the ‘You Tiao’ will be oily. To my surprise, it is neither oily nor dry and it goes well with the chicken curry fillings. The ‘You Tiao’ is soft and it actually taste like croissant ( except it is not too buttery). The serving is actually quite big and it is good to share for 2. For most cafes, the sandwiches will usually go along with fries. However at Flee away café, the LE Char Kuey comes with a side of mini papadums and salad instead. How creative!

Flee Away_9

Waffle with Gula Melaka $8.50

Flee Away_10

Waffle with Gula Melak. This is not the usual waffle that goes with ice cream. Instead the waffle is topped with sago. What?? This was my first reaction when I heard this from the staff. I was thinking will it taste weird? Or will the sago be too chewy or hard? It was difficult to visualize. Without any hesitation, we had ordered the waffle as our dessert to try!

Drizzle the Gula Melak and coconut milk over the sago topping and waffle. The sago is soft (soaked in Gula Melak and coconut milk) and it goes well with the waffle. Western dessert with oriental taste. Quite an interesting combination!

Flee Away_11

With interesting food, vintage furnishing and theme, Flee Away Café is a café worth fleeing to.

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209398

Opening Hours
Tue – Thu: 1100 – 2100
Fri – Sat: 1100 – 2300
Sun: 1000 – 1700
Closed on Mon

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