As you can see from my previous blog posts, i had seldom bake tarts for my family to try. However after tasting the egg tart bake by my colleague, I had decided to try baking them. This is my 2nd attempt trying to bake the egg tarts. My first attempt was a failure as the egg custard did not set even i had bake them for a long time using the microwave conventional oven. Since I had bought the rowenta bench top oven, I had decided to try out the same recipe to see if the egg custard are able to set at the desired temperature and time.

Yes! This time round is a sucess and the egg custard turn out to be nicely baked. The other colleague of mine had tried out the recipe but her egg custard had air bubbles / holes after baking. I guess the diffculty in baking egg tart is to achieve smooth egg custard. The oven temperature and the method in cooking the egg custard both play an important factor in making perfect egg tarts.

A Tray Full Of Egg Tarts

Yummy Egg Tarts for Tea Time




Here is the egg tart recipe by my colleague:


Butter 125g

Icing sugar sifted 35g

Egg White 1/2

Egg yolk 1

Plain flour, sifted 220g

Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp

Mix/whisk butter and icing sugar till pale yellow. Add beaten egg white and egg yolk, vanilla essence and whisk till creamy, Add flour, cut flour into butter mixture, knead to an even dough. Refrigerate the dough for 10 mins. Press into mould and bake 175 degree celcius about 10 mins till crust turns white to light golden brown. Cool before pouring the egg custard in.

Egg Custard:

Milk 220ml

Sugar 70g

Egg 3

Vanilla Essence 1/2tsp

Bailey’s (Optional) 1 tbsp

Melt sugar in milk,let cool. Add in beaten eggs, vanilla essence, bailey’s and mix well. Sift egg mixture before pouring into crust. (I had sifted my egg custard 3X before pouring into crust.) Do not let egg custard overflow from the crust. Bake 175 degree celcius for around 15 mins till egg custard is set.

Enjoy Baking! 🙂

  3 comments for “EGG TARTS

  1. Hui wen
    September 2012 at

    Hi, can I check how many egg tarts your recipe makes? Thank u!

  2. Dariel
    September 2012 at

    Hi Hui Wen,

    It makes about 15 – 16 egg tarts. Stay tune for my blog for more tarts recipes.


  3. Hui wen
    September 2012 at

    Sure! Thanks!

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