I am a fan of Japanese cakes and pastries. Not only the cakes are beautifully decorated, the cakes are softer and lighter in texture. The cream on the cakes is not too heavy and it makes you feel not too guilty when having them as dessert.  Frog and I had happened to be Liang Court last weekend and saw this café selling Japanese cuisine, cakes and pastries. We were first attracted by the nicely decorated yummy looking cakes that are displayed and without thinking much we went in for our afternoon tea break.

I had ordered my favourite strawberry short cake and pair with a cuppa of Earl Grey Tea and frog had ordered double cheese cake pair with coffee.

Strawberry ShortCake

I do not usually eat cheesecake but the cake looks so tempting and I took some to try. The double cheese cake is not too heavy and I love the combination of sweet taste from the cake and a bit of saltiness from the cheese.

Dulcet & Studio is a lifestyle café providing a comfortable and cosy place where one can indulge in sweets and learn at the same time.  The café do conduct baking classes and I am so tempted and keen to learn Japanese pastries!

 Have some sweets over this weekend…. 🙂

Dulcet & Studio

177 River Valley Road #01-41/42

Liang Court Shopping Centre

Singapore 179030

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  1. November 2013 at

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Shall check out this lovely cafe soon!

  2. Dariel
    November 2013 at

    Hi mydearbakes,

    No worries and you can try out their cakes too.. 🙂


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