Some backdates:

I have been looking around for affordable dim sum weekday buffet for our friends gathering so that we can enjoy the food and make use of this opportunity to update one another with our lives. Since it is our poly mates wedding on a Sunday, few of us had decided to take leave on Monday, take a break from our work and have dim sum buffet and not forgetting shopping therapy session.

Happen to chance upon some food blog giving review on Dragon Gate Restaurant and best of all it cost less than $20 for weekday dim sum buffet. It is located at HarbourFront centre and they had quite a spread of dim sum in their buffet list. With that good price and location, we had decided to have our dim sum buffet at Dragon Gate Restaurant. Oh not forgetting to mention, they will need at least minimum of 4 adults for the dim sum buffet.

The restaurant is very spacious with round dining table + 10 chairs and it feel like we are attending another wedding dinner. Looking at the dim sum menu, we are quite happy with the spread of food they offer considering the price of the buffet. They also have free flow of porridge and hot desserts at the counter too. Photos mean more than words, here are some of the pictures of the dim sum we had ordered.

With so many meaty and fried stuffs, it is good to order some green vegetables to go along with the dim sum.

Overall the dim sum is good and we are happy with the variety of dishes available with the price that we pay. A good place for gathering and affordable food. We will definitely come here again for the dim sum.

Here i ended off the post with some of the photos taken with my good friends and frog @ the restaurant:

Stay tune for more posts.. Really looking forward to Year End, with baking classes, birthday celebrations, holiday with frog and our friends and not forgeting Christmas! Wohoo!


  1. Tan
    October 2011 at

    Yummy foods with attitude! Hehe~~

  2. Dariel
    November 2011 at

    We should organize dim sum feast again…;)

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