Looking for traditional cakes to go with a cup of tea or coffee? Frog and I had visited Dong Po Colonial café on one of the saturdays for our afternoon tea fix. Stepping into the café, we love the nostalgic feel where the place are decorated with retro posters, ornaments, wooden table and chairs.

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The café is quite crowded on weekend and luckily we had managed to share a table with someone else.  Looking at the variety selection of cakes and pastries, we were both spoilt for choices!

Dong Po Colonial Cafe_4

Set E – Scone served with Jam, Fresh Cream and Teh / Kopi – $4.20

Traditional chinese coffee house and yet they do sell scone? Seem interesting and I do wonder how the scones will taste like. I am a lover of scone and without hesititon, this is a must order set. We were given the choice to choose our preferred jam. All the jams served were homemade and the options are orange marmalade, strawberry, lemond curd jam and apple aloe vera jam. We had decided on the interesting apple aloe vera jam. Served on the side was some fresh cream and jam to go along with the warm scone.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe_5

Set F – Bostock with Teh / Kopi – $3.50

What is exactly Bostock? I had google searched on what is Bostock over the internet. Bostock is actually syrup-soaked, frangipane-topped, crispy-edged toast. Some will sprinkle some sliced almonds on top of the bread toast. I had not heard of this before and I love the generous amound of toasted almond flakes sprinkled on top of toasted sliced bread. The toasted almond flakes gives a crispy texture layer when you chew the soft  bostock in the mouth.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe_

Almond Macaroon – S$1.90

Kind of unqiue as i do not see this before. Macaroon filling with buttery tarts base. This almond macaroon is not as sweet as the macaroon.

ChocolateTruffle Slice Cake – S$2.20

The chocolate cream and sponge are light and it is not too sweet too.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe_7

 Butterfly Cupcake

Dong Po Colonial Cafe_9

Though the coffee and tea are not too impressive, overall I like the light texture cream cakes served at Dong Po Colonial Cafe. If you will like to sip a cup of coffee or tea over some traditional cakes in the nostalgic coffee house, Dong Po Colonial will be a good choice.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street
6298 1318

Tue-Thurs 930am-830pm
Fri-Sun 930am-930pm
Closed on Monday

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