I have not tried Domino’s Pizza before and I am glad to attend the new Cheesy Crust organised by OMY event club.

On 3rd Dec 2013, Domino’s Pizza had launched Cheesy Crust pizza. The pizza is made from fresh dough that is hand-stretched to perfection and filled with melting hot mozzarella cheese coated with garlic and herbs on the inside for an extreme cheesy flavour. On the outside, it is generously sprinkled with tasty parmesan cheese, a mixture of breadcrumbs and parsley whilst creating another burst of flavour and crunch!


I am quite amazed that Domino’s Pizza hand stretched the pizza dough without even using the rolling pin. Pizza always tastes better when dough is kneaded by hand. The Cheesy Crust is available both as a regular or large pizza size on any of your favourite toppings. As a premium crust, there is a surcharge for the Cheesy Crust if $4.00 (regular) and $6.00 (large). As a saying goes, good things come in pair. Domino’s Pizza has the 2 Pizza Deal that offers at a fantastic value of $22 for 2 Regular pizzas and $33 for 2 Large pizzas, which amount to savings of up to $26.60. There are 28 flavours to choose from for the Cheesy Crust.


Chilli Chicken: Smoked Chicken Breast + Onions + Red Peppers + Chilli Flakes on Sweet & Spicy Sauce



Basilico Chicken: Roasted Chicken + Mushrooms + Cherry Tomatoes and Onions on Pesto Passion Sauce



Not only pizza, we had also tried the crazy chicken crunchies, chicken wings and breadstix. Lastly, we had the Chocolate lava cake to complete the meal!


Crazy Chicken Crunchies


Golden Roasted Drummets




Chocolate Lava Cake

Besides having the pizza at Domino’s Pizza store, you can order pizza and enjoy them at the comforts of your homes and offices. All delivery orders come with Domino’s Pizza’s standard Product Satisfaction Guarantee, 30 minute Delivery Guarantee and free delivery right to your footsteps.

You can order Domino’s pizza by phone at 6222 6333 or log on to the website at or order via Domino iPhone app to place the orders.

Met some lovely bloggers over at the event and had fun over at the Domino’s Pizza event. Delicious cheesy pizza and finger food with awesome companion. Nice meeting all of you! 🙂


Domino’s Pizza will be one of my choices for ordering delicious pizza! 🙂

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