Finally i have some time to bake the dirt cookies! The black thingy in the flour is the crushed oreo biscuit. I happen to pop by HOUSE of ANNIE blog and get the dirt cookies recipe from there. I had reduce the amount of brown and white sugar to 100 grams each as i am afraid it will be too sweet for me.

 The cookie Dough ready to be baked!

My Final Product:





 Yummy Dirt Cookies ready to be Consumed!

The sweetness of the cookies is just nice for me and it taste so yummy! Frog love it too. However the cookies had a cake like texture (like subway cookies) and it is not cripsy like Famos Amos Cookies. I wonder what went wrong to my baking method. After seeking help from my friends, i had tried again baking the dirt cookies.

This time round i do not use the electric beater to mix my butter and sugar. Instead i mix them using a wooden spoon. I suppose this is to prevent too much air bubble if we have to use the electric mixer. Since i am using the conventional microwave to my bake the cookies, i increase the baking time to 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes at the same temperature (190 degree celcius).

And this time round, my cookies really becomes crpisy and it taste great! I am so happy.


 Packed Dirt Cookies

Packing the cookies up for my friends and family members to try them out! Hopefully they do like the dirt cookies! Yummy!

Thanks HOUSE OF ANNIE for the wonderful dirt cookies receipes.

Stay tune on my next post on Hershey Chocolate Chips Cookies!


  2 comments for “‘DIRT COOKIES’ Recipe

  1. June 2010 at

    Yes, those dirt cookies are really yummy 🙂 I don’t care if they’re crispy or cakey – I can never stop eating them!

    Thanks for the link back.

  2. Dariel
    June 2010 at

    Hi Annie,

    You are very right. It taste really super! Thanks once again for the recipe! 🙂


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