With Christmas around the corner, have you decided on what
to bake or cook for Christmas party? 2 weeks ago, I had attended Mrs Fong
baking class on cupcakes making (Christmas Theme). This is my 2nd
time attending her baking lesson. The first class that I had attended is the
making of pineapple tarts   that is one
year ago.

The cupcake making camp is a one full day class from 9am to 5pm. In this class, I will get to learn 2D and 3D fondant design, different type of frosting and different type of cupcake making.I had enjoyed Mrs Fong’s baking class as we are able to hands on from making the cupcakes to decorating the cupcakes with fondant, cream and frosting.I believe in hands on for baking so that I will remember what I learnt and Mrs
Fong will walk around in the class to tell us if we are doing the right things.

The class is very interactive and she will go around table to table to see how
we are doing and correct us if our baking technique is wrong. In this class, I
had learnt how to do 2D fondant and 3D fondant design. It is so fun but it really
takes a lot of effort and time to complete one fondant design and now I
understand why those cupcakes with 3D fondant design are so expensive. Below are some pictures that i had taken for the class.

The very cute 3D fondant snowman and angel that i had made @ Mrs Fong’s class.

Below are the pictures on what other students had done in their cupcake design:





Hopefully the pictures above can give some fondant design ideas for decorating the cupcakes for the upcoming christmas.

I really enjoy myself at Mrs Fong’s cupcakes making class – Christmas Theme and I learnt a lot in this class. I am looking forward for Mrs Fong Chinese New Year cookies baking class if she is conducting. Click here for pineapple tarts making class conducted by Mrs Fong.

Click here if you wants to know the upcoming baking/cooking classes conducted by Mrs Fong.

Stay tune for the next post on the fondant that we had used on the class and the colouring as well. Yesh i am looking forward to the ice cream making class with my best friend next SundaY morning! Cheers!

Have a great weekend ahead~! ~I am still thinking of what cupcakes to bake for submission to Min’s Blog. The due date is nov 2011. Time to start thinking!

Stay tune! :}

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