We have been craving for hongkong cuisine for quite sometimes and finally I and frog had found a hongkong café at orchard central. It is know as the crystal jade hongkong café. A very spacious well decorated café located at the 7th level of orchard central. Despite being a weekday afternoon, you can see a number of people having lunch at the hongkong café. The price of the food there is reasonable and the serving of the food is big. It is very filling for just eating the main dish and of course beverages to go along with. A value for money meals at orchard area with nice ambience and orchard scenery if you sit by the big clear glass window. The scenery will be awesome at night when the road of orchard is brightly lighted. A romantic place for dating too (if you sit by the windows).

Crystal Jade HongKong Cafe – Orchard Central

Taking pictures when the food is not around. Really love their red sofa seats plus the ‘crystal’ back drop!Cosy!

Assorted mixed grill set. Consist of fish, sausage, grilled chicken, grilled lamb, vegetables, egg , corn and potatoes!

Sauce: Mushroom sauce! $13.90

Very delicious and filling. We love the cheese sausages.

Great colour combination that makes the food so appealing!

Cheezy sausages. Nice!

View from where i am seated @ the resturant!


Chicken Roll pasta With Black Pepper Sauce $9.90


Chicken meat stuff with carrots and mushrooms. Mixture of chinese and western cuisine. I love their black pepper sauce as it really has a strong taste of pepper that is hot but yet tasty. Not for people that detest peppers .



What to order for your beverages if you are at a hongkong cafe?? I will surely order hongkong milk tea. My all time favourite! 🙂



HongKong Milk Tea

I guess the reason for put the ice into the hole of the glass is not to dilute the milk tea and at the same time chill the drinks. A very  innovative way for not destroying the actual taste of the milk tea. Thumbs up!

The price for the above that we had order costed $37.20 . A reasonable price for a meal for 2 person.

Hopefully this will give some ideas on where to bring our dearest mum for a mother’s day meal.

Been to some great cafes for dinner and chill out session with my lovely friends. I shall blog about it soon. Stay tune!

Happy Mother’s Day and have a great weekend ahead!

Here is the link to the crystal jade hongkong cafe :


  1. Tan
    May 2010 at

    Oh gosh!!! This place… Looks excellent, wonderful, great!!!Never knew such a lovely place exist in orchard! I shall set foot at this place when I’m at orchard! Thanks, babe for the lovely post!!

  2. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    hi Tan,

    You should go there during the night for dinner as the scenary will be even beautiful @ night. Thank u for the compliment! Nice food plus affordable..hee..

  3. June 2010 at

    I ordered exactly the same dishes as you did. Haha. While the mixed grill set was quite worth it, I thought that the milk tea was a gimmick more than anything. The overall portion was very small.

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