I have not been blogging or baking since after Chinese New Year and somehow seem lost in what I am doing. Lacking of motivation for the past two months and finally sorted out my thoughts for life. I am thankful to have friends and readers who have been following my blog and asked me on why there are no new blog posts. This has really encouraged me to stop procrastinating and start doing things that I love again.

Frog and I had gone to Melbourne for a holiday trip together with our friends in Mar 2016. Taking a short break to recharge ourselves and now we are ready to put our plans and goals in place. Melbourne a nice place for sightseeing, cafe hopping and wine tasting. Pace in Melbourne is slower as compare to Singapore. Life is not as hectic and the country emphasis on work life balance. The working hours there are shorter compare with Singapore. I really miss our Melbourne trip now!

We were on our way back from 12 Apostles to Melbourne city where we had chanced upon Simply Perfect Pieces. It is a cafe cum retail store that sell vintage crockery, baking stuffs, ladies accessories, fashion clothing and furniture. We were attracted by the front window display design of the store and without any hesitation, the four of us had readily agreed to take a coffee break in the store. The display of the store is very English style.

Here are the photos of Simply Perfect Pieces:




I had bought myself a recipe file from the store and finally got the time to organise my recipes.



Interior Of The Recipe File



Now all my recipes are neatly placed in the cool recipe file from Simply Perfect Pieces store. I can’t wait to start baking and blogging again. Stay tune for more blog post and hang on to weekend!

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