I had baked this coffee and walnut cupcakes especially for frog. His favourite coffee as one of the ingredient in the cupcake. Got this recipe from my newly bought cupcakes recipe book. This is my first attempt in making frosting for my cupcakes. However, the coffee butter frosting is not a success. The icing sugar form separate out from the butter after some times. I guess this is due to the reason that I had beaten the butter with the icing sugar together and it does not mix well. The correct way should be beating the butter first till it is light and fluffy and then beat on the icing sugar a little at a time until it is well mixed. Actually the book did say how to make the frosting but I overlook it. Hee, I guess i have to learn from mistake and practice make perfect!  

The cupcakes taste great and the aroma of the coffee smell fill up my kitchen.

I love the smell of coffee!

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

Some with the frosting and the rest without.

A very colourful cupcake recipe book with clear simple recipe and yummy cupcakes pictures as illustration. This book contain hundreds of cupcakes recipes and it is very easy to follow the steps in the book! I will definetly try other cupcakes recipe from this book! 🙂


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