This is my first Chinese new year at my new house with frog. Chinese New Year means doing spring cleaning of the house, whipping out delicious dishes for the family, visiting at the relatives’ houses, eating the festive cookies and angboas for the children! There are so many things to be done with too little holidays given. Will enjoy ourselves to the maximum!

As this is our first lunar New Year together, I had cooked some of the Chinese New Year dishes for frog and mama frog. We had our first reunion lunch together on Chu xi. This is the first time I had cooked so many dishes. Actually cooking is fun but the clearing part make most people take off the idea of cooking for a small family. My first dish is steam cod fish. It is a must to eat fish during Chinese New Year. Nian Nian you yu!

pict 2IMG_3548

Steam fish with ginger, cong and mushroom

pict 3IMG_3551

Pork rib based soup with cabbage, fish maw, fish ball, carrot and mince meat

pict 4IMG_3556

Me busily scopping the vegetables out from the wok

pict 6IMG_3561

‘Suan’ stirred fried with tau gua and mushroom

A must have vegetable for CNY! (‘Suan’meaning have $$$ to count) Huat ar!!!!

pict 7IMG_3562

Frog favourite tomatoes prawn

pict 5IMG_3559

Best ngoh hiang made by my mummy. Yummy delicious!

pict 9IMG_3566

The women behind all these dishes!

A  simple reunion lunch prepared by me and will definitely try to cook more often for the family.

pict 13IMG_3577

Enjoy the long holidays ahead!! Cheers!

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