Last Saturday, Frog and I had attended the Christmas Party Snack with Ayam Brand organized by Nuffnang at Food Playground. This is our 2nd visit to Food Playground and we are both very happy to see Lena and Noei again. Surprisingly they still remember us from our first visit on the Alce Nero event. This time round, we had learned how to create 3 different Christmas Party Snack using Ayam Brand Products from Ms Lena. Just in time for Christmas!

A little on the history of Ayam Brand:


Ayam Brand was founded 120 years ago by Alfred Clouet created the brand consisting of a rooster in a rounded belt that had his name on it. He started importing sardines with the rooster brand in 1899. As members of the trade and consumers started giving the name “Cap Ayam” to these canned sardines for easy reference, Mr Clouet then had a genius idea to take on this local name which is a unique blend of Malay and English. Ayam Brand possesses a deep knowledge about its products from sourcing of the raw materials; managing the production, to marketing expertise and research. It maintains high level control over its quality to ensure consistency for all the products.

Have you tried eaten chili tuna curry puffs before? Ms Lena is very creative to use Ayam Brand chili tuna to make the fillings for the curry puffs. The dough for the curry puffs are easy to make too. This is our first time making curry puff and we had fun making the puffs in shape though it is not too nicely crimp at the ends to seal the puffs. Practice make perfect and I will try making the curry puff soon.

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I am a fan of Vietnamese cuisine and am glad to learn Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Ms Lena is a health conscious person and she had replaced rice noodles with sweet potato noodles. She had used Ayam Brand canned sardine in olive oil as one of the ingredients in the roll. I have not eaten Vietnamese roll wrap with sardine before and to my surprise it taste good especially with the dipping sauce.


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Miss Tam Chiak and Valerie had also shared with us the Christmas Barley salad recipe using Ayam Brand White Pearly Barely and Ayam Brand Whole Kernel Corn as part of the ingredients. Very colorful dish and tasty too.

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We are split into group of 4 to whip out the 3 dishes and plate the dish nicely. Busy preparing the ingredients for the dishes!

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Group photo with our team and the dishes that we had prepared! So lovely.


Our Christmas Party Snack Platter.


The team that has the best presentation will be the winning team to bring home the Ayam Brand Hamper.

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And the winning team is:

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We had fun and fruitful Sat learning christmas party snack using Ayam Brand products at Food PlayGround. Thanks Ayam Brand for the lovely gift set too!


Have a great week everyone! 🙂

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