With standard of living getting higher in Singapore, our lives become more hectic and stress to meet demands. It is hard to find a balance between yourself, work and family, especially for women. With such fast paced lives, I strongly believe that it is very important to keep a clear mind, have a strong healthy body immune system and get a good rest every night. Oh yes, not forgetting to have a refreshing look despite being so busy and worn out. There is a saying: ‘Health is Wealth’. With good health, you will have the energy and stamina to take on the challenges in your hectic life and also be able to do things that you are passionate with.

I love to explore and try out different type of tea and so glad that I was introduced to Choice Organic Wellness Teas. So what is the difference between organic tea and those non organic ones? For Choice Organic Tea, the company strongly disdains the use of environmentally harmful chemicals to cultivate their tea leaves. Hence it is much safer for human consumption and amazingly the tea taste great too.

Here are four types of Choice Organic Wellness Teas that I had tried:

Choice Wellness Tea_1

Organic Mental Focus (Caffeine Free) $10.30

Clear your mind with this fresh, lively cup that supports mental clarity and concentration. Ginkgo is the key to this blend – the leaf from the ancient Chinese tree supports healthy blood flow to the brain. It is paired with gotu kola, a favorite ayurvedic herb long trusted by yogis to enhance meditation. This amber cup offers a pleasing vegetal taste with a touch of citrus and a tasty way to bring me stay focus!

Organic Energy Boost (Contains Caffeine) $10.30

Recharge your batteries with this crisp, lively blend that supports healthy energy levels and vitality. Green tea is a great energizer with a myriad of benefits, including immune support, and promotion of cardiovascular and oral health. It can even support healthy metabolism and skin. It is perfectly paired with eleuthero root, known to support immunity and stamina. I love the fresh, mildly fruity, vegetal taste, as well as the natural lift.

Choice Wellness Tea_2

Organic Rest Assure (Caffeine Free) $10.30

Get a good night’s rest with this dreamy, minty cup. A smooth blend of valerian root, known to calm the mind and promote sleep for those who suffer from occasional sleeplessness. It is combined with passion flower, which can reduce everyday stress and soothe tension. Additional catnip leaf and chamomile can relieve occasional restlessness to help you slip into a soothing sleep. It taste light and refreshing.

Choice Wellness Tea_3

Organic Simply Detox (Caffeine Free) $10.30

Show your liver some love with this deliciously toasty herbal tea. It features roasted dandelion root, the celebrated liver cleanser, to support healthy liver function and digestion while detoxifying the skin. Purifying burdock root and full-bodied rooibos round out this health-conscious blend. This earthy cup has a smoky taste that is both rich and savory. It is a delicious way to detox and refresh myself.

You can purchase the Choice Organic Wellness Teas at  All Things Organic website. All Organic & Natural is a distributor and marketer of organic and natural products in Singapore. Beside Choice Organic Tea, the company does provide organic food, organic personal care solutions and organic home care solutions.

Good news for YummyFoodBook readers! You can quote 201406-TIN to enjoy 5% discount for all purchase from now till31st July 2014.

Complement your diet and exercise regime with difference ranges of Choice Organic Wellness Teas. Start living healthy mentally and physically now! Play your part for the Earth by using environmentally friendly products on a daily basis. 🙂

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