I really love having a cup of tea with kaya butter toast bread and soft boil eggs in a nostalgia coffee house. With the breads or cakes freshly bake from the oven and the tea freshly make by the kopi uncle or aunty. It will be good if the tea is placed in those traditional coffee cup and saucer. The feeling is different from having coffee in modernise coffee house. There are not much traditional confectionery coffee house left in Singapore and I had read from an article saying that there are 8 traditional bakeries left in Singapore.

From an instagram photo, I had got to know Chin Mei Chin confectionary and decided to try out their traditional bakeries.

 Egg Tarts and custard puff on the display for sale.

The coffee house is quite crowded when we reached there about 9.30am ( Saturday). But Luckily Frog and I managed to get ourselves a table. You can order drinks, kaya butter bread toast and eggs from the aunty. The rest of the confectionery items, you can select your choices placed on the shelves. Beside kaya bread toast, they do also have egg tarts, custard puffs, cream horns, hotdog bread, sugee cakes and fruit cakes.

 Kaya Butter Toast Bread

The breads are mini buns sliced into two and toasted in charcoal grill. The temperature of the butter is just right and it melts together with the kaya once eat together with the toasted bread. I love the kaya spread – Not too watery and sweet. 

 Soft Boiled Eggs / Egg Tarts / Tea / Kopi / Cream Puffs / Kaya Butter Toast Bread

This is what we had for our breakfast today! The custard of the egg tart is very smooth and soft. I had never eaten such a egg tart before. I love the cream puff too. The soft boil eggs are very fresh and filling too. Frog and I are very contented with our breakfast today!

Round Marble tables, wooden chairs, tiles on the wall and plus the floor tiles give the place a retro feel. We are like having breakfast back in the 1950s. There are hardly any more of this kind of coffee house left in Singapore.

The kitchen is open concept and you can see what are the bakers are baking and making coffee / teas for the customer.

The uncle is baking egg tarts when i am taking this pictures. Freshly hand bake and out from the oven!

It is worth a visit to Chin Mee Chin Confectionery and i will definitely go there again for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery
204 East Coast Road Singapore
Tue–Sun: 8am – 4.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)


  1. Tan
    February 2013 at

    Just like the ones in Hong Kong!! I love the retro feeling too!! Will certainly head thr for a nice hearty breakfast! :))

  2. Dariel
    February 2013 at

    Hi Tan,

    Yes very retro feel and the toasted kaya bread taste very delicious too. Is worth the trip to try out the bakeries. 🙂


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