Have you ever heard of cake pops? They are bite size cakes on the lollipop sticks with colourful and interesting design. You can design the cake pop with whatever design you can think off, wrap it up nicely and is ready as a gift. Cake pop is popular for birthdays and special theme party where children or even adult will be attracted to it.

I have always wonder how the cake will stay nicely on the lollipop stick and how do I coat the cake with different colouring that I have wanted? Happen to chance upon Groupon website having discount on cake pops making class at 50% discount. Without hesitation, I had purchased the voucher and signed up for the cake pop class. I really love Groupon as the website really offers great deals at promotional price.

The class was held at Scoopy’s & Cream in Downtown East E!Hub level 5. The theme for the cake pop making was actually Halloween. I had attended the class last month. Here we go!

Scoopy’s & Cream

The teacher was very patient in teaching us in doing the cake pops and there were 2 more teachers that go around and answer our queries in cake pops making. We actually did hands on in making the cake pop from moulding the shape, putting the cake to the stick and finally designing the cake pop. I had fun doing the cake pop and below is the picture of my moulded cake pop. The teachers there are very friendly and they really make the class interesting by preparing lots of colourful melts and cake decorative for us to design our cake pops.

Moulded Cake Pops

The final product. Colourful and beautifully decorate cake pops.

With the right class size of 10 students, I guess everyone benefit from this cake pop making class as the teachers try their best to share their knowledge with us and ensure everyone are able to make their own cake pops. Thumbs up!

I am so proud of the cake pop that i had done! After completion, all you need to do is to wrap it nicely with colourful ribbon or theme colour ribbon and is ready as a gift!

I really enjoyed the cake pop making class taught by Scoopy’s & Cream and understand more in cake pop making.

With Christmas around the corner soon, perhaps you can do your own cake pop and give it as a gift for your love ones or friends! Start thinking of the design now.

I will also try to make cake pop to see if i can apply what i had learnt. Time to head down to buy the ingredients for the cake pops. Stay tune for more updates!


  1. Tan
    November 2011 at

    Loooook Niceeee & yummmy!!!

  2. Dariel
    November 2011 at

    Hi Tan,

    Is very nice right? Look like lollipop. Perfect dessert for partys!

  3. November 2011 at

    Thank you for attending our CakePop Making Workshop and we’re glad that you’ve enjoyed our fun and enriching workshop! Looking forward to your showcase of other cakepops master pieces! Do visit Sccopy’s & Cream on Facebook for more works from other participants!
    — Scoopy’s & Cream Workshop Dept

  4. Dariel
    November 2011 at

    Hi Scoopy’s & Cream WorkShop,

    Sure i will ! 🙂


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