I guess most have known Maple and Market bakery located at peaceful neighbourhood at Cassia Crescent that sell delicious cakes and bakes. The shop is opened by a Sarah, a blogger whom is passionate about baking. I have been reading her blog and I am inspired by her determination in turning her passion into a business. The most happy thing in life is to do what you love everyday and benefit from it. Sarah do conducts baking classes at Maple and Market bakery and I had attended one of her hands on bread (cabbage and sausage bread) class recently. I have always wanted to master bread baking.

There is a kitchen space over at the bakery café where Sarah conducts her baking class.

Maple and Market_1

Maple and Market_2

The class size is small and there were only 2 students for the bread class that I had attended. This is good as you will get attention from the teacher and will not be shy in asking question too. I love the recipe handout done by Sarah as it is neat, easy to follow, with hand drawn pictures and colourful too. So visual pleasing!

Maple and Market_3

Maple and MArket_4

Rising of Bread Dough

While waiting for our bread dough to rise for about 30mins, I had ordered a slice of cake to go along with a cup of cold mocha.

Orange Pound Cake

Ice Mocha

After 30 mins of waiting, we were ready to shape the bread dough.

Maple and Market_4

Maple and Market_5

Maple and Market_6

MAple and Market_7

Maple and Market_8

My first attempt in baking the cabbage and sausage bread and I am so happy that it was successful. The students are able to bring back their bakes home after the baking class. 🙂

Overall the bread baking class was easy to follow and Sarah had shared with us the techniques and tips in bread baking. I can’t wait to start to bake my own bread soon!!


Maple & Market Bakery

34 Cassia Crescent, #01-82

Singapore, Singapore 390034

Opening Hours

Tues – Fri: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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