I got to come across butterfly pea flower tea in my recent trip to Bangkok and was attracted by the colour of the tea when it was served to me. The butterfly pea flower tea is blue in colour and not only that the tea is appealing, it have an important substance “Anthocyanin”, water-soluble vacuolar pigments that may appear red, purple, or blue depending on the pH.The benefits of butterfly pea flower tea includes nourish eyes, treat opthalmitis and eye infections, strengthen hair, provide antioxidants and boost body immunity. Butterfly pea is also recognized for its medicinal benefits, which include anti-depression, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. The blue concentrate is added to hair products also promotes healthy hair growth.

Butterfly pea is commonly used in Thailand to make a syrupy blue drink called nam dok anchan (welcome drink for guest) and as colouring for Thai desserts in blue and purple colors. The hot or cold tea is extremely refreshing and cleansing, without any caffeine and it is unique in colour and taste. It tastes great both served hot or iced.

I had bought a packet of butterfly pea flower tea leaves from MBK Shopping Center in one of the shops that sell Thai snacks and goodies. Below is how you can brew a cup of butterfly pea flower tea:


1. 6 Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers
2. Hot water – 1 cup
3. Honey to taste (Optional)


1. Infuse the dried flowers in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes or till the flowers turn pale and the water turns blue. Add honey to taste and serve chilled or hot.

This recipe can also be used as a dye in your dishes.

You can also add some fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice and the tea will change from blue shade to violet. By adding lemon, it will change the acidity of the tea and hence change the colour. This is so amazing!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Let’s admire the cup of butterfly pea flower tea as the colour is too attractive to be ignore!


  1. Celine Marie Foo
    January 2017 at

    Hi Daniel
    I stumble upon your blog while googling for benefits of blue pea flower tea.
    I love this tea for its lovely blue color and the many health benefits that comes along with it.
    I am retailing the tea online in Spore.
    When u r free, pls check out my fb page Have A Cuppa Blue Tea.
    Hope to have some support from you.

    Celine Marie Foo

  2. Dariel
    January 2017 at

    Hi Celine,

    Thank you for popping by my blog. Sure I will check out your online fb tea shop. 🙂 Yes the colour of butterfly pea flower tea attracts me to know more about this tea.


  3. May 2017 at

    please guide i am a herbalist

  4. cha
    June 2017 at

    hi~ Can I ask what is the name of the specific shop you bought your tea from? how much did it cost you?

  5. Dariel
    July 2017 at

    Hi Cha,

    I had bought the pea flowers in one of the shop MBK shop selling Thai snacks and goodies during my holiday in Bangkok. I am so sorry I can’t remember the details of the actual shop.


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