Yesterday was a meaningful day for me. The day that I am looking forward to had arrived. This is my first involvement in baking for charity and really excited about it. Baking and at the same time doing charity for cats welfare society really makes my day! Frog and I had reached Flea and tree about 11.10am to set up our stall. The stalls were set outside the shop and we are very glad that Flea and Tree allow the organiser to host the BakeOff for Charity event. Frog and I quickly set up our stall and get things ready before the crowd come in.  A lot of other bakers had already set up their stall when we arrived. All of us are getting ready to raise fund for cats welfare society! Meow!

What a lovely tag for all bakers and volunteers! I had mine too, yummyfoodbook baker tag.

Placing my cupcakes on the table with cute red poka dots mat. I had baked red velvet cupcakes w cream cheese frosting, cranberries w white chocolate chips cupcake w chocolate cream cheese frosting and finger almond cookies.

Close up of cranberries w white chocolate chips cupcake w chocolate cream cheese frosting  

Although the weather is a bit warm on the sunday afternoon, this did not stop us the bakers, volunteers and organiser for doing our best for the charity.The heat did not bring down our enthusiasm for the charity! There is a counter for making coffee latte by barrister. Frog and i are just next to them and the aroma of the coffee really perks us up!

Cafe Latte that goes well with the baked items!

Here are some pictures of other bakers products:

Bubble Tea Inspired tea cupcakes!

The toppings are actually those tapioca pearls. Initally i thought they were blueberries from far. Very creative and i will try to bake them too if i manage to get the recipe! I had bought 2 from the baker too. The cupcakes taste yummy, not too sweet and cupcake is very moist and soft!

Marsmellow Pops 

I am so glad that i had sold out all my red velvet cupcakes. I had made 14 of them. 🙂

Frog’s sister and family had come to support us and we are so happy to see them. CJ and cullen really enjoy the sight of the kittens for adpotion too! Thanks Da Jie for supporting!! 🙂

Me looking after the stalls posing with the boys!

Frog @ the stall

Yeah we are still left with a bit of cupcakes and cookies! Thanks tan and Danny for popping by to support charity too! Gan Dong!!! (Pardon me for my sweaty face opps.)

The BakeOff 2012

We did not take much photos and will upload the link where the photos are taken by the photographer for the event.

Yesh with the effort of organiser, bakers and volunteers, they had raised a total of $4373 ( still counting as per updated in the facebook page)!


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