A very simple and delicious almond finger cookies recipe given by my colleague. It took me about15 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and another 15 minutes to pipe the mixture onto the baking tray. I am using my new Rowena oven to bake these cookies. The sales person had mentioned that the oven can bake up to 4 trays of cookies. I did not try that but I had placed 2 trays of cookies this time round since this is my first time trying out the oven for baking.

Baking in Progress:2 trays of cookies

Conclusion of the using Rowena Oven: Even baking of the cookies placed in the top and middle tray.

Almond Finger Cookies Tray #1

Almond Finger Cookies Tray #2

Ingredients A

100g brown sugar

100g butter

1 egg

Ingredients B

120g plain flour

120g almond powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Preheat oven to 150°C.

Cream ingredient A till smooth. Add ingredient B and mix well.

Spoon the mixture in the piping bag fitted with the star nozzle.

Pipe short length on the lined baking tray.

Bake in the oven for 20 to 25 mins till golden brown.

Enjoy baking! 🙂

I had baked egg tarts using the new oven and it was a success! Stay tune to my recipes! Mid week and looking forward to Sat! 

  9 comments for “ALMOND FINGER COOKIES

  1. May 2012 at

    Excuse me, may I know, where did you buy this oven ‘store name’? is this oven recommended to buy? Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Dariel
    May 2012 at

    Hi Chera,

    I had bought the Rowenta OC 7868 Oven at Tampines Courts Megastore in Singapore. So far i am happy using the rowenta oven :). Right now are you using anying oven for your baking?


  3. Jay
    October 2013 at

    Hi Dariel,

    I recently bought the Rowenta and when googled to know recipes with the oven I happened to visit your site. How would you preheat this oven as there is no preheat functions.

    Thank you,

  4. Dariel
    October 2013 at

    Hi Jay,

    You can set to the desired temperature (set timer to about 40moins) and there is a thermometer blinking at the display. Once the temperature of the oven has reached, thermometer will stop blinking. You can placed your item in the oven and set the timer accordingly.

    Happy baking!


  5. Jay
    October 2013 at

    Hi Dariel,

    Thank you prompt response.
    I came to know about the cooking demo in Courts Mega @ Tampines for your site,but unfortunately I bought the oven from Harvey Norman. Can I come to the demo session with the receipt very much eager to know more.
    I’m new to baking…….


  6. Dariel
    October 2013 at

    Hi Jay,

    You can leave a comment through my blog post @ to check with Scharlie if he is ok with it. As Scharlie do read my rowenta oven blog post and leave comment on my blog. He is the person doing the baking demo in Courts Mega @ Tampines. 🙂


  7. Mag
    August 2014 at

    Hi, i saw that you have 2 reversible rack. May i know where did you buy the additional reversible rack for rowenta oven. Thanks

  8. Dariel
    August 2014 at

    Hi Mag,

    The 2 reversible racks comes with the purchase of the Rowena oven. 🙂


  9. Jessie Keng
    November 2014 at

    Like to check with sharlie re demo at takashimaya on 2 to7 dec is it daily and what time I like to get rowenta 7868 very many functions for baking and cooking which I like but space constraint. So looking at the smaller one 3838 any idea re this model I think it is only a basic oven so not good enough for great baking etc please give some comments thanks

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