Frog and I had attended the Alce Nero Cook Off event last sunday at Food Playground. Food Playground is a cooking school that conducts cultural cooking classes as an avenue to preserve Singapore Food Culture and heritage.


We both had fun at the cooking session using Alce Nero products with an Asian Twist to suit our local tastebud. Alce Nero is the leading brand in Italy since 1970s and is committed to bring wellness and health to their consumers with its extensive range of quality organic pasta and sauce. In addition of its vast selection of organic pasta and sauces, Alce Nero carries a wide range of organic products such as olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Jams and Honey. Ther products are available online and leading supermarkets.


What is Organic?

Products produce do not use any synthetic chemical substances or pesticide. This allows consumers to obtain good, wholesome food that is both natural and delicious.


Here comes the fun part: Getting Reading for the cooking session. Decorating our chef hat before handing to the kitchen!


Ms Lena and Ms Noei from Food Playground were our cooking instructors for the cooking session and we were split into groups of 4 to hands on and whipped out 2 dishes. Frog and I are in the same team with Ms Midori (cooking instructor) from Bunga Hijau and Ms Cathy from Cathy’s Joy Blog .

The first dish was the Laksa Pesto Spaghetti and the 2nd dish was the Home Made Pizza that required kneading the pizza dough from scratch.

As we need to whip up 2 dishes in a hour plus, Midori and Cathy had prepared the ingredients for Laksa Pesto Spaghetti while frog and I had kneaded the dough for our pizza. Team effort! Here are some pictures taken at the kitchen:







Gain a lot of tips from Ms Noei and Ms Lena on the type of yeast to use and the kneading techniques for making the pizza dough. The pizza dough recipe taught by Food Playground is different as you only need to proof the dough for 20 mins in the oven at 40 degree celcius instead of the usual 1 hr at room temperature. I can’t wait to make my own pizza from scratch at home. No rolling pin was required! By our hand, we had shaped the pizza dough to the rectangular shape.


It gave a rustic feel by not using the rolling pin and the pizza seems to be bought from some posh Italian restaurant.




After 1hr plus of team work, here come our dishes:



Time to tug in into the food that we had cooked!


The winners for the cookout session got to bring home the lovely Alce Nero Gift Basket!


Cooking really connects people together and we both had fun with other food bloggers and chef at Alce Nero cook out session!


Stay healthy and Alce Nero can by one of the choices as Christmas gifts for your family and love ones. Do check out their Christmas Gift Basket at

Thanks Alce Nero for the lovely orgainc products! 🙂

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  1. November 2013 at

    Nice meeting both of you in person. Loves all your photo shots =)

  2. Dariel
    November 2013 at

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for your lovely compliment and nice meeting you in person too! Hope to see you in future events. 🙂

    Dariel & Kenneth

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