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Welcome to YummyFoodBook!

YummyFoodBook was started in 2010 and this personal blog is all about sharing baking and cooking recipes as well as delicious eats with people. My name is Dariel and I like baking, reading baking books and not forgetting trying out yummy food. My husband Kenneth (a.k.a Frog), likes cooking and photography. We simply love gathering with my family members, close friends and at the same time enjoying delicious food with them.

Although we are not professional baker or chef by trade, YummyFoodBook would like to connect every baking, cooking and food enthusiast through this blog and to share recipes, nice eateries and everything under the sun relating to food.

There is a saying goes like this (by me): Nice food, right drinks, good ambience plus with the right companions will bring and connect everyone together.

Any queries on my personal blog or sharing of nice eateries or recipes please email us at yummyfoodbook@yahoo.com or alternatively leave a comment in our blog post.

Cheers & Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. Alicia
    April 2012 at

    Hello! 🙂

    Sorry to trouble you, but I was googling on Rowenta ovens and managed to stumble upon your lovely blog!

    Can I ask you if you had to turn your baking trays now and then while baking, in order to get it even? Because I am not sure if mine is faulty… I just got it on Sunday, and it seems to not bake evenly when I tried it out for the first time 🙁 not sure if it’s faulty, or if it’s meant to be like that. Or did you use it with the fan on?

    Hope to hear from you on your experience, appreciate it!


  2. Dariel
    April 2012 at

    Hi Alicia,

    Thanking for popping by my food blog. I do not need to turn the tray when doing baking..You need to select convection mode when baking cakes n cookies ( turn on the fan). So far I am happy with the results of my baking using rowenta oven as you can see from my egg tarts and finger almond cookies post. 😉

    Can I ask where you bought the oven from?
    Hope I had answer to your quries…


  3. Alicia
    April 2012 at

    I got it from harvey norman 🙂 oh okay, hmm all right I guess it’s because I did not select the mode with the fan. but which one should that be? I thought the convection mode was the one with the 2 lines? (i.e. no fan).

    I just tried making some muffins on Sunday and so far so good 🙂 also using the normal convection mode without fan.

    yes your goodies look really yummy! especially the egg tarts

  4. Dariel
    April 2012 at

    Hi Alicia,

    Glad to hear that your oven is working well. . 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on the egg tarts and cookies. By the way if you are baking tarts, you can select pastry baking mode (fan with a line below it). The feature combines fan heat, fan positioned at the rear of the oven and lower element, both provide excellent uniformity of cooking and achieving the crispiness of the crust. I used that mode when baking the egg tarts…

    Enjoy baking… 🙂


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