Sorry for the late posting as i am quite busy lately…hehe….Here it goes…

I shall continue from my previous post on tea cosy. Our activity does not stop @ tea cosy. Since it been quite some time that all of us had meet up, our next stop to have some coffee and dessert session. Oh no we are like pigging out session. Opps…Paul had told us that there are some new café at Handy road which is near The Cathy. Thus despite going to the usual TCC, starbuck or coffee bean, we had all decided to head over to 1 Caramel!

A very cosy, colorful and well decorated café. We are attracted to the pretty yummy looking icing cake (as a décor to the café). Plus an a array of delicious looking cakes, desserts, pastries that is keep in a see through glass ‘cabinet’. It really make us want to order the cakes !

 1 Caramel

 Nice colourful giantic  icing cake!!! Simply love the decor and of course the cake!!

 The menu

 Cakes , pastries and desserts neatly and nicely arranged in the see through shelves

  Picture taking when the drinks n cakes are not here yet!

Paul & me~~~

 My tea…

 Strawberry shortcakes !!

Look at the top layer of the cake, it is actually pastries crust. It taste great with the strawberry cake. You have to try it!

Look at the strawberries that is sandwiched between the cakes! For strawberries lover like me!! I can still remember how it taste like…OMG

More lovely tiers cakes

I really hope one day i can make such lovely tiers cakes. It will definetly be a very fulfilling task for me.

Although the price of the cake ($8.20) is a bit steep but i guess it is alright to pamper urself once a bluemoon for nice delicious cake and aroma tea to go along with.

Thank you Paul for introducing us such a nice cosy place for our dessert & drinks!





With my wedding bells around the corner, i wish me and frog everlasting love and a smooth sailing journey ahead!

With lots of LOVE



Have a great weekend ahead!

1 Caramel
The Luxe, 6 Handy Road #01-01A Singapore 229234
+6338 3282

  13 comments for “1 CARAMEL – HANDY ROAD

  1. Tan
    May 2010 at

    Yesh! The cake taste great even though I’m not a strawberry-lover! However, a little pity is, the awesome tea is non-refillable. Hence, try to sip a little at a time! Dun finish it in 1 shot as the portion is kinda of little.But, the wonderful taste compensate the overall! =)
    Wonderful place to chill out!
    And, Happy-Ever-after to you & frog!! Hopefully the next time you are thr, thr’ll be a few ‘tapoles’ ard! Congrats congrats!!

  2. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Tan,

    True hor the tea is not refillable but i love the cake.nice..
    Thank you so much for your wishes too.. Love u!

  3. Jennifer Chew
    May 2010 at

    Hi yummyfoodbook,

    Din know that there is such a cafe near The Cathy area. Thank you for providing the readers with lots of hangout places. I really love to see your blog! Will continue to support reading your post!


  4. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your compliment!! You should go there one day to try out their cakes! Very delicious.. Thanks for ur interest in my blog too. 🙂


  5. serge
    May 2010 at

    nice! when you bringing me there?

  6. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Soon… When we are @ PS!

  7. Ling
    May 2010 at


    Nice pictures n i will sure visit 1 caramel with my friends. Thank you for the post!! Very informative! congratS for ur wedding! Everlasting love! Well said!

  8. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Ling ,

    Thanks for the wishes n compliment!

    Dariel 🙂

  9. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Thanks a lot!!! 🙂

  10. May 2010 at

    I’ll visite the caramel with my friends. Thank you for the post.

  11. June 2010 at

    excellent writing about cafe reviews, it is actually useful for me on which cafe to go when i am near plaza singapura. keep writing and happy blogging.

  12. June 2010 at

    This strawberry dessert is made with a rich, moist pound cake. Delicious!

  13. Emory Ortlieb
    June 2010 at

    Thanks I really needed this as i am looking for a hang out place near Plaza singapura! Happen to google search on the info and thank you so much! Nice photo taken too.

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